T.H. Jackson Huang, PhD

In 2001 Jackson was awarded a doctorate from the University of Toronto for his research in Alzheimer’s disease; but, rather than continuing on to a career in science, he chose to follow a different path and yield to the power that the photographic image held over him. Since then, his work has received many accolades and awards including the CWIA Wedding of the Year 2008, CWIA Best Overall Real Wedding Coverage 2014, the CEIA Best Wedding 2001 and 2002, and Applied Arts Photography and Illustration Annual: Fashion and Beauty in 2006 and 2008. His work has also been published in WedLuxe, Dauphine, Grace Ormonde Wedding Style and Weddingbells.


Calvin Lee

For Calvin, growing up in a family of artists meant that observation, analysis and appreciation of his surroundings would become a daily routine. His love of art and form was fostered by his father, a sculptor, and his mother, a graphic designer. Earning a Bachelor of Industrial Design from The Ontario College of Art and Design enabled him to “get his hands dirty”, and “achieve one of the hardest things”— that is—“simplicity”.

Calvin’s power of observation and his ability to "anticipate a moment in development” give his photographs a rich and moody quality. It is those subtle, and yet brimming instants that he loves to celebrate.


Alex Jardine

Alex’s love for photography has grown steadily and rapidly since his undergraduate days at Brock University. Inspired by his surroundings, Alex documented all he could during simple walks around the campus. Old buildings and industrial structures nestled in and amongst trees and vines, were of a special interest to him. According to Alex, these unexpected juxtapositions bring about a surprising and mysterious beauty deserving of recognition.

A Diploma in Photography from Sheridan College and subsequent work with leading architecture and interior photographers enabled Alex to refine his technique through a careful study of line, texture, colour, and light.

But ultimately it is the human subject---the human spirit---that is the oxygen to Alex’s exuberance. To gain perspective, and to imagine the subject’s thoughts and feelings---this is how Alex creates intrigue and dynamism in his photographs.