Aneta and Ben: Coming Home.

Aneta and Ben could not have been further from home when they fell in love. The Canadian-born airline attendant, and the UK-born television producer met in Dubai, and the attraction was instant. Although the cosmopolitan romance was almost otherworldly, for Aneta, getting married was like coming home. The wedding happened at Niagara-on-the-Lake, near Anita’s family orchard. Needless to say, she knew just how to make the most of everything the region has to offer—not to mention her own sister. Angelica Sala, is the creative talent behind Simply Beautiful Decor, one of the premier event design companies in Niagara. The reception was held at Chateau des Charmes, the Bosc family’s award winning winery, couched in the midst of the Niagara countryside. Angelica transformed the venue with light and colour, resulting in a setting reminiscent of Monet, one of Ikonica Director Jackson Huang’s favorite artists. For the bride and groom pictures the limestone amphitheatre, gardens and fountains of the Oakes Garden Theatre made for an elegant backdrop.

Melanie and Nick: In Concert.

Melanie and Nick, married at Toronto’s Royal Conservatory of Music, could not have been more in tune with their physical surroundings, and with each other. Their combined sense of elegant and minimalist style complimented the mixed modern and classical aesthetic of the Royal Conservatory. For their photographs, the couple took advantage of the venue’s range of architectural features with Ikonica’s Jackson Huang.  Jackson loves the Conservatory not only for its present photogenic genius, but also for its past influence on his own early music career. The sweeping lines of Koerner Hall, designed in the tradition of the classic “shoebox” venues of Europe, provided a dramatic backdrop for a romantic embrace. The expansive panes of glass that frame the venue’s airy spaces provided a flood of natural light which perfectly illuminated Melanie’s slight, statuesque figure.

Fiori, known for their textured, multifaceted floral and event designs worked with award-winning planner, Melissa Haggerty of Spectacular Spectacular to achieve the perfect balance of elegance and simplicity for the reception, held at the Distillery District’s Fermenting Cellar.